The Andromeda Strain - Michael Crichton

The Andromeda Strain - Michael Crichton

I’m surprised that it’s taken this long for me to read a pandemic book given we are deep as hell, right smack in the midst of a real life one. I love virus books, I love viruses that turn peeps into zombies, I love viruses that wipe out the world with an epic good vs evil battle aka the legendary, The Stand. I love movies with viruses that make great apes into intelligent talking creatures who also take over the world. So yeah it took me a while but maybe I needed to feel a little secure that even though our current situation is still scary as hell the world isn’t actually ending and that my most favourite genre isn’t coming to life.


This is really scientificcy, and although written back in 1969, was still really interesting and (I think) relevant to today. I would love for someone to write another virus book similar to this one but in the year 2020, with today's advances in science but in layman terms so I could understand it. It really is quite fascinating.


So yeah I liked this, but I had a few issues. OK what happened at the end, I don’t get it, did we win/lose, was it going to mutate again, the story isn't finished!? That poor that wee bubba I wanted to just give him a hug because how long has it been since he had human touch! Also not happy with all those poor animals being used for testing. Animals and babies got me right in the heart strings! Actually god knows what goes on in secret underground facilities now, maybe I don’t want to read a scientificcy virus book from 2020, human cloning testing and who knows what other atrocities, I prefer to have my gore/violence/paranormal/horror told as fiction not real life (its called keeping my head in the sand).


Anyway this is a really rambling review due to my own isolation and my descent into crazy like the Andromeda infected but without the nasty after bits.


Stay safe people.


Edit - Just found out there is a second book written in 2019! Answers to my questions yuss!