Lazy days

  • About ME:
  • I literally will read anything as long as it entertains me. Not a big fan of extreme horror novels. I just get too weirded and icked out, but not a "thats so gross it's fucking awesome!" but an "oh my god I actually feel ill, what kinda messed up head makes up this stuff" grossed out. Wish I could remove a particular chapter I once read involving worms and masturbation from my mind.
  • I am obsessed with lists.
  • I love to travel but with a mortgage, two kids, dog, cat and bunny it doesnt happen all that much anymore. 
  • Most of my five stars come from apocalyptic/post apocalyptic, fantasy and horror books.
  • I like to read with challenges I set myself and am currently working my way through a tag list of different subjects (I embrace my geek).  
  • I like wine very much particularly while reading.
  • I grew up near Hobbiton and Mt Doom. I have a lot of hobbit friends and know a lot of orcs.
  • My husband says I cannot have any more animals, I nod my head "yes okay" and then ignore him.