Night Terrors by Jonathan Janz

Night Terrors (Savage Species) - Jonathan Janz

What a mess! This is my first Janz book and I wasn't impressed. It started out bloody great, first chapter was gross and gory and it was awesome! It read like a 80/90s B grade sexist horror movie which is not the issue at all as I'm quite fond of reading about dumb characters, doing dumb things and dying dumb deaths if it is done well. But I didnt like a single one of the dumb stereotypical characters even in a I hate to love you way.


I can pinpoint the part that I lost complete interest, it was when something really really bad had happened to one of the "I thought might be okay" characters, something that had it happened to myself, I would be inconsolable and fighting everyone and everything that stood in my way to fix the bad thing. But this dumb weepy sad character thought to themselves, hey why not flirt with this hot person over here. Because that is what every person would do in that situation!


Anyway so that was the end for me, I did read the rest but my heart wasn't in it and I found myself disliking all the dumb shit characters even more after that.