Lazy days with wine (and a book)

  • About ME:
  • I literally will read anything as long as it entertains me. Not a big fan of extreme horror novels. I just get too weirded and icked out, but not a "thats so gross it's fucking awesome!" but an "oh my god I actually feel ill, what kinda sick fuck makes up this stuff" grossed out. Wish I could remove a particular chapter I once read involving worms and masturbation from my mind.
  • I am obsessed with lists.
  • Most of my five stars come from apocalyptic/post apocalyptic, fantsy and horror books.
  • I like to read with challenges I set myself and am currently working my way through a tag list of different subjects (I embrace my geek).  
  • I like wine very much.
  • I grew up near Hobbiton and Mt Doom. I have a lot of hobbit friends and know a lot of orcs.
  • My husband says I cannot have any more animals, I nod my head "yes okay" and then ignore him. 

Sick House by Jeff Strand (narrated by Joe Hempel)

Sick House - Jeff Strand

I love me some Jeff Strand he's my go to guy for a bit of slaughter, grossness and fucked up giggle humour but that was some out the gate crazy but not the good kind of loco more like just crap
I have some theories:
-Maybe it was that I'm new to audible and I didn't particularly like the voice of the narrator;
-Maybe it was the repetition and lame dialogue;
-Maybe it was because I just read the excellent Ferocious by Mr Strand and it was awesome;
-Maybe it was because I didn't laugh ... once;
-Maybe I shouldn't read two Strand novels back to back;
-Maybe the book went off to a weird lucid dreaming place that didnt make sense; or
-Maybe it just sucked ... sigh


I started listening this before I set my A-Z challenge so it doesnt fall beneath any of my "A" tags:

-Maybe I should start a new tab called Audible.


A - Z Challenge - Arranged Marriage - Written in the Stars by Aisha Saeed

Written in the Stars - Aisha Saeed

I once was lucky enough to spend a lot of time travelling before kids and a mortgage. On one of my trips I travelled to a place called Varanasi in India. Deaths and marriages hold much significance for that holy city with outdoor funeral pyres burning constantly and mass weddings by The Ganges. I remember seeing a group of young girls in traditional red wedding dresses with stunning jewellery on arms, nose and ears.  These girls were beautiful ... but young, too young , 11-12 years old surely, small children. Their eyes were what shocked me they looked so incredibly sad, this wasnt a day of joy for them, but a life sentence to I imagined an old man that they had only just met. Being a westerner I do not understand arranged marriages. I know that these marriages can result in love eventually but the fact that the choice is taken away from woman doesnt sit well with me. 


This book is set in Pakistan but it brought back memories of what I saw in India. An easy fast read that I didnt think was particularly well written but the story is one that I imagine is happening all over the world. 

A-Z Challenge - Book starting with "A"

Afterparty -  Daryl Gregory

This was odd. It kept throwing out weird science facts that I didn't know if it was the author taking liberties or were actually true, and I stopped reading mulitple times to go consult Google to see if such things were true/possible. 


The book is pretty much about drugs, smart drugs. Drugs that make you see colours, drugs that turn straight men gay for a day and drugs that make you see god. 


The story felt a little slow for me sometimes and at other times moved along at a good pace. I was bored, I was intrigued. Overall though I did like it but when I finished it I still felt confusion like there were some parts that were left unresolved ... or maybe it went over my head and I just didn't get it.

Starting with "A"

Okay so I love a good personal challenge and lists, so I am mashing it up and making a list challenge!!! I am proud to be a nerdy nerd.


I have a list of tags that I am going to work through as I have too many TBR books due to aforementioned obsession with lists.



Dem Rulz:

Because I am the nerdiest of nerds I have set some rules and relaxations:

- I will read through the tags in no particular order but in accordance with my own laws and stipulations shall not move onto the next letter of the alphabet until all have been completed.

- There is no time limit. This is intended to take an awful long time and I may be an old woman with a beard down to her ankles before I am done.

- Occassionally if I am struck over the head with a reading slump stick or life gets in the way I will take a break with no feelings of guilt.

- Most importantly I am allowed to read while having vino. Hells yeah!


Without further ado here are my A tags:









-Alternate history

-Amazon Rainforest

-Alzheimer's Disease










-Arranged Marriage Written in the Stars by Aisha Saeed read 27Nov19



-Asperger's syndrome




-April - original publication month

-August - original publication month 

-"A" - Book title starting with A - Afterparty by Daryl Gregory read 25Nov19

-"A" - Authors last or first name starting with A


Hmm a lot of these are a bit serious and I am unlikely to find some of these tags in fantasy or horror, let my horizons be broadened begin ...

Capital THE best book I've ever read

The Stand - Stephen King

Highest stars I could give a book. So far I have read this three times which for a 1000 page book is no mean feat. I am due another re read. My husband wouldnt let me call our kitten Trashcan Man which made me sad. The only other character in literature which I have read which compares to ol' Trashy is Gollum. Essential pitied characters whom without the story would've ended very differently.